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Default Re: Weekly Batch Updates

Sunday, March 4th, 2018 11:19 AM EST

- The March Releases have been planned out. The most recent one was March 3rd with the next one being two weeks after, on March 17th.
- July/August 2017 Set 3 was finished, and July/August 2017 Set 1 reviews might be available this week to close out that batch period.
- The original judge for November/December 2016 Set 3 has been contacted again and by next Saturday if it is not finished I will go ahead and do the remaining work on it.
- Concerning passed files, James May will be resolving Ants of the Sky in November/December 2016 Set 3 and DarkZtar will be resolving Solar Overdrive in July/August 2017 Set 2.
- The January/February 2018 Batch submissions have been compiled together for a total of 21 files. Specific information is in this post.
- There was a large Batch Search Engine update with the details in this post. This also introduced 6 new files into Conditional Queue/Pending Fixes status, and the post also includes a link to the BSE page for January 2018.
- The 2017 Regular Batch Results thread has been updated with the most recent results.
- March/April 2018 Regular Batch submissions are open.
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