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Default Re: Weekly Batch Updates

Sunday, October 22nd, 2017 11:27 AM EST

Updates from last week:

- The song submissions for July/August 2017 are now up on the public engine. You can see the song sets here.
- James May finished March/April 2017 Set 1, finishing that batch period.
- Sets 2 and 4 in July/August 2017 have been assigned to James May. This batch period is in the process of being assigned.
- trumaestro has one file left to judge in November/December 2016 Set 3, with a passed file that will need to be resolved by another judge.
- Starting in early November I'm planning on restructuring the BSE site to django, which may require a bit of a hiatus for me to focus on it. It's going to be more complex than the Crossover Spectrum site restructuring. If the site will need to go down I'll give notice in advance.

To Do

Conditional Queue
Pending Fixes (gameboy42690) - gameboy42690
Pending Fixes (trumaestro) - trumaestro

July/August 2017
Primary Judge Set 1 - Unassigned
Primary Judge Set 2 - James May
Primary Judge Set 3 - Unassigned
Primary Judge Set 4 - James May

November/December 2016
Resolve Passed File in Set 3 - Unassigned

In Progress

July/August 2017
Assign Sets - DossarLX ODI

November/December 2016
Primary Judge Set 3 - trumaestro


March/April 2017
Primary Judge Set 1 - James May

Public Engine
Set up July/August 2017 Regular Batch songs - DossarLX ODI
Make Active Sets threads for July/August 2017 - DossarLX ODI
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