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Default Re: Weekly Batch Updates

Monday, September 4th, 2017 8:03 PM EST

Updates from last week:

- A large Batch Search Engine Update was done, and Conditional Queue has been trimmed down to 0 files, with 6 files under Pending Fixes. Later this week I'm planning on assigning these 6 Pending Fixes to judges.
- March/April 2017 Set 2 is still in the situation with a [PASS] file that needs to be resolved by another judge; that will also be assigned along with the 6 Pending Fixes mentioned above.
- The new Crossover Spectrum site has finally been deployed today! There is some more work I have to do this week in relation to that site as I've opened signups for the Crossover Spectrum Official Tournament.
- Concerning the Bi-Weekly Releases, they're planned to continue on Saturday September 16th.
- The September/October 2017 Regular Batch is open for submissions.

To Do

Conditional Queue
Assign Pending Fixes - DossarLX ODI

March/April 2017
Primary Judge Set 1 - Unassigned
Primary Judge Set 4 - Unassigned
Resolve Passed File in Set 2 - Unassigned

In Progress

March/April 2017
Assign Sets - DossarLX ODI

November/December 2016
Primary Judge Set 3 - trumaestro


March/April 2017
Primary Judge Set 3 - DarkZtar
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