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Default Re: Weekly Batch Updates

Sunday, March 13th, 2016 9:47 PM EST

Updates from last week:

- Phase 1 of the High FGO Special Batch was finished with the completion of Sets 5 and 6.
- The current plan for Phase 2 of the High FGO Special Batch is to have One Winged Angel do lead reviews for two Sets. Phase 2 is a smaller Batch with 19 files in 4 Sets. I'll see if another judge or two can help with lead reviews as I'm mainly doing the reviewer tasks for these Sets.
- January/February 2015 needs some primary judges assigned; I'm still in the process of finding some primary judges for any of the 5 sets remaining that require primary judges. My current focus is pending fixes and the High FGO Special Batch.
- Despite being Spring Break I still have several university-related items to get to in addition to an event that will take up Friday and Saturday this coming week. I'll see if I can go through a few pending fixes for conditionally queue'd files this week.
- A long-awaited frame fix for Turbo will be done early this week.
- The Song Release for this week on Tuesday will be quite challenging, so keep a look out for that!

To Do

Hard Song Batch Phase 1
Judgment - Phase 2 Set 1 (Lead) - One Winged Angel
Judgment - Phase 2 Set 3 (Lead) - One Winged Angel
Judgment - Phase 2 Set 1 (Reviewer) - DossarLX ODI
Judgment - Phase 2 Set 3 (Reviewer) - DossarLX ODI

January/February 2015 Batch
Primary Judge Set 2 - Unassigned
Primary Judge Set 3 - Unassigned
Primary Judge Set 5 - Unassigned
Primary Judge Set 6 - Unassigned
Primary Judge Set 7 - Unassigned

Pending Conditional Queue Fixes
Look through ffrsubmissions email for more Pending Fixes - DossarLX ODI
November/December 2014 Pending Fixes - DossarLX ODI
High FGO Special Batch Phase 1 Pending Fixes - DossarLX ODI

Frame Fix for Turbo - DossarLX ODI

In Progress

Official Tournament Batch
Reserve Files For OT - psychoangel691


Hard Song Batch Phase 1
Judgment - Phase 1 Pt 5 (Reviewer) - DossarLX ODI
Judgment - Phase 1 Pt 6 (Reviewer) - DossarLX ODI

Prepare March 15th Song Release - DossarLX ODI
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