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Default Re: Weekly Batch Updates

Sunday, February 28th, 2016 8:47 PM EST

Updates from last week:

- November/December 2014 Set 2 is finished, which leaves Set 3 and Set 8 remaining for that Batch and then it's done; they still need Lead Judge Reviews.
- The four files with Pending Fixes in September/October 2014 were reviewed. There are some other files that have updates but aren't updated on the BSE yet, that's going to wait for a few days as I plan out how this week will work out.
- There have been several Songs added on the BSE by users, although remember to mention new submissions in the Batch Search Engine Updates thread; the Song won't appear on the site unless it gets approved, and posting in the thread helps with that process.
- We currently have 57 Accepted Songs, with a reasonable number of them not planned for use in the next Official Tournament. Bi-Weekly Songs of the Week will resume this week on March 1st, Tuesday 10 PM EST.
- The files judged and total songs in the November/December 2014 Batch and Official Tournament Batch were adjusted to be more accurate, and six more files were added to the Official Tournament Batch for a total of 79 files.
- Later this week I can look into some more of the Conditionally Queue'd files that have Pending Fixes. I'm mainly focusing on Reviewer Tasks and there hasn't been much momentum with the Pending Fixes and I want to get those files resolved; there were also some more file updates sent to the ffrsubmissions email that haven't been factored into the BSE site yet.
- psychoangel691 should be posting the reviews for two other sets in the Official Tournament Batch this week. The post for Sets 11-15 in terms of their ordering can be found in this post.

To Do

January/February 2015 Batch
Primary Judge Set 2 - Unassigned

Judge Hard Song Batch
Judgment - Phase 1 Pt 5 (Reviewer) - TC_Halogen
Judgment - Phase 1 Pt 6 (Reviewer) - TC_Halogen

November/December 2014 Batch
Judgment - Pt 3 (Lead) - psychoangel691
Judgment - Pt 3 (Reviewer) - TC_Halogen
Judgment - Pt 8 (Reviewer) - DossarLX ODI

Pending Conditional Queue Fixes
Look through ffrsubmissions email for more Pending Fixes - DossarLX ODI
November/December 2014 Pending Fixes - DossarLX ODI
High FGO Special Batch Phase 1 Pending Fixes - TC_Halogen

In Progress

Official Tournament Batch
Reserve Files For OT - psychoangel691

November/December 2014 Batch
Judgment - Pt 8 (Lead) - DarkZtar


November/December 2014 Batch
Judgment - Pt 2 (Reviewer) - DossarLX ODI

Pending Conditional Queue Fixes
September/October 2014 Pending Fixes - DossarLX ODI
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