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Default Tokens and Rates

Tokens have been a long standing means of rewarding players for their efforts and dedication to the game. Rates have been a popular means for players to set their own goals and push their efforts beyond what the standard song asks for.

When it comes down to skill or anti-skill tokens, it's needless to say rates less than 1.0 invalidate the challenges set and shouldn't be rewarded and I could just be lazy, but I feel as though if a player can meet the prerequisite for a token on a higher rate they should be rewarded no less. Does anybody know of any cases of skill tokens on FFR they think could provide a reasonable defence for rates greater than 1.0 not being applicable for token unlocks? If not, can this thread be a really formal request?

Also I think that if the idea were to be implemented, it would open up a whole new avenue of tailored unique token experiences to players. Imagining revisiting simpler files to crank up the tempo and unlock a cover of the song you just played or an even harder version of the chart. For an example it could be something like AAA "Your Song Here" on 1.25x to unlock "Your Song Here v2" or AAA "Your Song Here" on 1.5x to unlock "Your Song Here V3". It could faciliate a nested tier system that might even flashflashrevolutionize the game.

So yeah, two goals for this thread: discuss the idea >1 rates counting towards tokens and if the idea is successful, share ideas about possible rate-related token unlocks that would compliment a hypothetical update where tokens become rate inclusive.

What do you think?
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