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Default Re: TWG 187 Senpai [Post Game]

Originally Posted by mellonxcollie View Post
Ummmmm xiz, how exactly is the monokuma role supposed to lose....?

If they get shot in the night, they have a vest so that won't make them lose. If they get lynched, they win. This role seems basically un-loseable

Not to even mention the completely overpowered rule changing aspect of it

No offense to funnygurl, but I don't think that win should count. The role seems compromised to me
this game was not balanced and will not count for stats when the stats are completed

the # of anti-towns coupled with the # of people who could have had their win conditions changed to become anti-town is greater than the # of kills town had at their disposal

its a miracle this game went to f4
TWG Stats:

Plop is town in this game, TWG 195. Do not question this.
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