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Default Re: TWG 187: Senpai [Game Thread]

Originally Posted by Hakulyte View Post
Basically, I'm curious as to what you all did during the night to see if it's logical with the flow of the game.

n0: selected Dafty.Pixel as the role PM I would send to someone (I thought his icon was funny); didn't send a night message (what was there to say!)
n1: sent "hoes mad x24" to Gradiant (in response to the DragonmegaXX kill being on a wolf after he said the voting pool was shady) Confirmed receipt in thread.
n2: Sent "don't die sven!" to Hateandhatred who then proceeded to die before he could confirm receipt. Forever in our hearts.
n3: sent yt: JxsfEio0L8Y which links to Ludacris's smash hit "Ho" (2000) to Shadow_God_10 in light of it being revealed he has 17 18 different waifus. Confirmed receipt in thread.
n4: sent the highly contested "rbHASd.pROLEpm" to Not devonin, attempted to send Dafty.Pixel's role PM to roundbox. Confirmed receipt of message in thread.
n5: sent my character's name to XelNya, as well as Dafty.Pixel's role PM.

Notable was that up until n4, I was receiving confirmations from Xiz over discord; I got a shaky confirmation after pressing the issue later during the d5 phase, and then clarification n5 that it had to be to the same person, to explain this once more.
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