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Originally Posted by XelNya View Post
I'd very much be down for this. (Also Trevor we gotta meetup sometime eventually again that'd be great.)

I know there's a few users in the state but I have no idea how up for this they'd be.

Also Puyallup's best thing really is the state fair when it happens, but otherwise it's not notably amazing. Well, other than listening to people attempt to say it correctly. It's just nice calm place, but then again, I don't go outside to the towns and do much, there's a few nice bars but I wouldn't know more than that tbh.
me too and oh, thank you

Originally Posted by T-Force View Post
No rush at all. That would be really exciting regardless!
i'm transgender in case you didn't know

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Originally Posted by hosua View Post
Oh, I thought it was just my internet this whole time.
Originally Posted by rushyrulz View Post
Also that triple post is almost as delicious as a hot, fresh, Domino's pizza.
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can y'all take a break and kiss
(the first section of this chapter)

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