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Default Re: Which smartphone/cellphone u currently have? and which one u recommend?

Originally Posted by SK8R43 View Post
Well i mean, my phone was only like $150 and its the best phone ive ever had. Ive tried galaxy and other phones and they are terrible. My S6 had so many glitches and the battery had a maximum life of like 6 hours before it was at around 30% from 100%. the S3 and S2 were no better either. Lg rarely glitches, it has enough storage, battery lasts seriously for days, camera is great quality, and ive never had an issue with damage when dropping it. Idk id rather spend my money on other shit thats actually useful and buy a cheaper phone.
Different strokes for different folks. You have to realize that just because you don't find your phone to be that useful doesn't mean it's the case for others. The same way you may think the camera on your phone is great doesn't mean that's true for someone that takes photography more seriously. Or a poweruser who needs more than stock disk space for storage or even ram. 1-2gb of ram may be enough for you but that isn't true for someone who's editing videos on their phone or who is using the multi window to multi task. He'll I've been thinking about getting a newer Samsung phone because if their desktop feature.

And sometimes people just want a newer nicer phone as a status symbol or like to be the first on the boat for new features like with the Samsung fold or the opportunity find x
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