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Default Re: Favorite Manga?

Whenever this thread gets bumped I feel inclined to see if my answer would be different, but in this case I think Diamond is Unbreakable is still my favorite, and I will forever love Great Teacher Onizuka and Kenshin even if at times their age holds them back (GTO is actually pretty bad about that)

I've re-read the early volumes of Bleach and to be honest they hold up really for a JUMP series. I know the whole thing ends up going to shit but I really loved reading the whole substitution arc again.

I've also re-read the first 7 or so volumes of Nana after not having seen it for like 10 years and uh, I think i really want to like it more then I do. There's a lot of character and I enjoy a story that manages to avoid some supernatural twist but Komatsu Nana is a fucking horrible character.

Anyway this thread is devoid of any of Rumiko Takehashi's work and that pleases me unironically.

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