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Default Re: James May's Ye Semi-Olde Fashioned Stepmania Tournament (Sign-ups CLOSED)

Round 1 has started everyone! Round 1 will end on Sunday, December 17, 2017 at 11:59 pm!

The file's ratings are set with the calculations present in version 0.56.2, so do pardon me if the ratings look a bit over or below the ratings placed in your etterna client if you're playing in an earlier or later version of the game. Also, if you're not in a match this week, your round will start next week due to Challongs implimenting Bye weeks!

Matches for the round
6. Walrusizer [29.68] vs 14. Flossy [25.99]
Beyond Bludgeoned (NBJS4) [24.70] {Stamina}
fuck ANIME (Minty Fresh 2) [26.68] {Technical}
Let it End (Lemon's panty Shots 3) [27.61] {Streams}

28. storn42 [20.39] vs 29. DourGent [20.16]
Mathsma Attack (LCP3) [19.95] {Technical}
Bit Howl (ODI3) [20.43] {Stamina}
Captain Murasa's Ass Anchor [Oni] (ODI3) [18.66] {Handstream/Jack Speed}

26. FFRGreen [22.22] vs 31. Ce2 [19.75]
Mariostep (ODI3) [20.86] {Technical}
Take This Life (Astronomic Metal Collection 2) [20.85] {Jack Speed}
Cheatreal (boiled egg) [21.80] {Stamina}

18. D2Enthusiast [24.38] vs 8. Toby1018 [29.27]
brbjpusr2vip(o) (boiled egg) [26.25] {Jumpstream}
While Sleeping [Oni] (Boss Rush DLC) [26.31] {Technical}
endleSSSation (frums bootleg) (Elexon) [24.21] {Stamina}

If you don't have the files, let me know in PM or in Discord, I will provide the files for you!

Link for the brackets:

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