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Default Re: Rhythm Simulation Guide - 4k/6k Notecharting

For comparison, check out SG's old charting rules on KBO:

Originally Posted by stargroup100
These are the guidelines in which eVILPeeR follows while making his charts. It is generally assumed that most stepmania guidelines/theories are subjective, therefore do not take these guidelines as your own. They are only theories, not facts.

The song should guide the direction of the stepchart (IE pitch relevancy, layering, etc).

Picking songs for stepping is not difficult. The song should have good rhythm, be interesting, and have a good amount going on throughout the song.

Layering with hands is fundamental to deliver a proper arrowsmash experience.

Spread is the most efficient keyboard style and should be the only one used.

Files should be caterred 50% to both hands, unless called for otherwise (see #1)

It is generally OK to repeat patterns in a stepchart more than once, or even twice, as long as that part of the song is interesting and fun.

The graphics should represent the song to the utmost.

Perfect synchronization is almost impossible to achieve, but should be sought after.

You can be pitch relevant while using more than one set of patterns to represent a part of a song twice.

Steps should not follow the feel of the song, rather the layering should.

Using two arrows for one instrument is a waste. If that part of the song is intense enough, there should be enough instruments going on for the layering to represent how powerful it is. However, in the case where there is only a couple of instruments that are going on, it is acceptable to use "extra" layering to make up for the lack of instruments.

Song selection should be done for only two reasons (assuming the song you chose is steppable): you like the song, or the song is interesting.

"version 2" files are stupid and should not have to be made (unless it is a song you stepped terribly and you're re-releasing it for quality purposes).

"version 3" files are even worse.
BPM changes should be used when justified.

Do not double/halve the BPM of the song unless it calls for it (IE speedcore or gabber/quiet sections in a song)

Climax theory is very cool when used properly, and adds a lot of fun to the file.
Although stepmania is just a video game, stepcharts should still be made professionally for the sake of maximizing enjoyment.

Stepmania is srs business
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