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Default Re: Rhythm Simulation Guide - 4k/6k Notecharting

Originally Posted by Roar176 View Post
I don't like the introduction to notecharting it's really influencing

You make it sound like "scoring files" and "artistic files" are two distinctives things which is something I noticed and disliked about you when you reviewed FFR4 because it seemed to me that because you can't play anything that goes beyond X NPS (X being your skill) therefore file goes to the "scoring files category". Seeing things that way, your opinion on a file is subjected to change if you gain or lose skills. If you are able to play the file then you will start seeing beyond the heavy loads of notes. Okay the reviews are subjective but if you do the same sh*ite in your guide it's not gonna work.
The way you say it it looks like if you do a file for "scoring" (I f*ucking h8 that word) a.k.a. it goes beyond X NPS the chart is devoid of any artistic value and obviously an "artistic" file cannot be made for "scoring".
And that sh*ite is wrong.

On top of that you obviously make it sound that making "artistic" files is the way to go. You start by saying that files made for "scoring" purposes are not serious and "artistic" files are the Rael Daels.
I read this multiple times:
"Oh you know ... you can do decent notecharts with basic knowledge you can make scoring files *giggleZ* ... or you can go pro and make artistic stuff with me. l00k @dis Grace notes OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH" ~Bufang The Apache
Obviously when you read it like that you don't wanna do "scoring" files it just sounds like it's for da newbs.

Anyways only separating the two things is already enough bullsh*ite to me. Difficulty doesn't make anything less artistic and you should know it after your X years of stepmania overseer career. Whenever someone mentions the word "scoring" he still has something to learn (that thing is there no such Thang as scoring files (proven by Nordic players (just click on Brag Board once in a while and you will see))).
Very valid point and fair argument. I'll work on revising that.
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