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Default Re: Suspicious Scores thread (Formerly Hacked Scores)

Originally Posted by Cyth The Raccoon View Post
On the other hand, let me play devil's advocate. As an example, people don't want all their online activity reviewed by police, even if they don't have anything to hide. It's just the principle of the fact that they would like to maintain their privacy.
Being one of the best players in any community/website automatically comes with a lot of attention, both good and bad. I think that's the primary motivation of most cheaters. So if someone actually wants to maintain their privacy, they shouldn't be trying to get really good scores anywhere. If you don't want to be noticed, you gotta keep it on the down low, and that includes not recording scores that stand out. Hell, if you're that good and you still want to be inconspicuous, you probably shouldn't even be logged in when you play.

So, for the same reasons, if you start getting really good scores, you better expect to be closely scrutinized. If you're legit people will find out, and if you aren't, people will find that out too.
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Repeating, please no retarded files that aren't even going with the song
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