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Default Re: Suspicious Scores thread (Formerly Hacked Scores)

Originally Posted by Plan_Bsk81127 View Post
FFR retards at their finest. gg
why have you been posting things I agree with now, fajegkljasht

seriously, though. If a person is getting that kind of score on any sort of 12+ and they aren't known to do so, video proof is OBVIOUSLY going to be demanded by the community. It's a really good thing to do not only to defend yourself, but also to show everyone that you really are the real deal.

I'm sure a lot of you guys were around when Sara (ichliebekase, for those of you who were living under a rock) pulled 4-0-0-1 on Midnight Dragon on video after being called BS (p.s., I was one of those people who called it on her). I'm also sure a few of you guys were around when leonid started unraveling his true skill against me in the Fire Kai tournaments by tying my blackflag on I Hate the 80s, lol

If you're not willing to show the proof, then you're obviously hiding something. Neglecting to show proof is a huge sign.

(for the record: this targets Emith/Herogashix)
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