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Default Re: Recommend me some 2018 albums halp

Day 438: Songs For The Recently Sad by Soccer Mommy (Album Choice: g.o.ry)

This album better be better than the last one. Seems mildly obscure, which I don't care about except I hope that means there's a lo-fi aesthetic here.

So far, yeah this is pretty damn lo-fi, and it's soft and pretty. Shitty production values with noise creates more noise, whereas tape hiss and crackle usually makes a quiet acoustic affair seem all the more personal and intimate. Clearly, I'm a sucker for bad aesthetic.

I don't find this particular EP all that personally resonant, but goddamnit this is what I was missing from the last album, affecting songwriting! And a general sense that I'm supposed to enjoy this for what it actually is, simple fingerpicked indie folk. There's nothing here making me go "WOW!" especially, but there's absolutely nothing offensive here, it's all pure, floaty pleasantries... Is that the right definition of pleasantries? I hope not.

I can certainly see myself returning to this one on a lonely, muggy summer day. Wait, fuck, I wrote this entire review comparing it to another album that doesn't even sound similar. Ah well, a simplistic release gets a simplistic review... Except simplicity isn't the flaw here. Fuck you.

Best Track: Memories
Rating: 7/10
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