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Default TWG Turbo XXVI - Kiss and Kill - GAME THREAD

Turbo XXVI - Kiss and Kill

Modified Guns and Hookers
^Read the setup.

5 Vanilla Townies
1 Cop
1 Gunsmith
(Gifts guns at night, gunned player may shoot at any time during day)

1 Hooker (Roleblocker. Hates humans, has sworn to live and die for the werewolf)
1 One-Shot Bulletproof Werewolf (Vest gifted to him by the hooker. Wants to kill all humans for defiling his lover)

Unlike original setup, this is a Day-start setup with the exception of gun, which will be gifted randomly following role assignment. Gunsmith will be notified of the recipient of the first gun.
Unlike original setup, guns will never reveal their shooter.
Once gifted a gun, gunned players must use their shot by the end of that day or their gun falls apart and becomes unable to fire. No exceptions will be made. In case of an insta, gun will fall apart from the strain of lynching and become unusable at the moment insta is reached.


I do not get notified via FFR PM if a shot is taken. All day-shots must be sent through discord.

Phase Lengths: 12/12hr days/nights
No lynch/No kill: ON
Cardflips: Full
OOTC: Off (Except for woofchat)
Nighttalk: Off
Woofchat is Day/Night 24 hours communication.
Phantoms: Off

Phases will start/end at 9AM/9PM server time, respectively.


1) flashflash account
2) Funnygurl555
3) the sun fan
4) T-Force TWGma Precarious VT. Lynched D1
5) star-crossed 1SB Werewolf. Lynched D0
6) inDheart Cop. Killed N1
7) roundbox
8) mellon_collie
9) FreezinIce VT. Shot D1
1) Wineandbread
2) theknightsofneeee
3) Precarious

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