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Default Re: March/April Set 3

TacocaT (qrrbrbirbel) [6.5/10]

Judge Notes:
> Sync looks good (No changes necessary).
> No issues found within simfile properties.
> No issues found within submission folder contents.
> Permission check Good.
-[00:19.568] Check your PR. Should be a down arrow, or left arrow.
-[00:27.454] Not the biggest fan of the way 12ths/24ths are essentially acting as a noise absentee note, especially with the audio picking up in pitch and not actually taking place as noise absentee as it gets closer to the drop. Can do without.
-[00:32.597] Missing jump.
-[00:33.454, 00:34.140, 00:34.826, etc.] Personal preference, would have enjoyed it more if there was jumps to these drums here. There’s also an offsetted 16th drum that carries through 00:35.254, and 00:35.511 into the next measure that’s not given the attention it probably deserves.
made those gallop jumps more prevalent and changed throughout the entire song to center around it more
-[00:34.826] Check your PR.
checked and fixed
-[00:35.768, 00:36.454, 00:41.254, etc.] Missing 16ths. Should probably comb the file for these kinds of jumps in particular for these missing 16ths.
fixed these while i was changing the jumps
-[00:50.426] Missing jump.
-[00:54.883] Very nice section, really enjoy it.
-[01:08.940] Could probably use the 4th here, even if it’s just a single.
-[01:10.311, 01:11.683, 01:12.368, 01:13.054, 01:13.226 -> 01:16.826] From my understanding, jumps are following drums here, but are a tad spotty in their placements. After 01:13.054, I have zero idea what the jumps are following to. Section needs some work on jump clarity/conciseness.
re-jump focus
-[01:16.826 -> 01:27.797] Essentially the same section as earlier (at 00:32.597), so notes within that section also apply for this section.
-[01:27.797 -> 01:38.426] Check your jump placements. Missing one at 01:28.826. Layering is fine outside of that, could have used jumps on every 4th and also would work. Small suggestion in layering, try moving 8ths outside of jumps around so that they don’t cause anchoring with the jumps unless they share a pitch with the jump, and see if that plays better. (Mostly speaking for situations where stuff like this happens but there’s no real context or reason for the patterning to play out that way):
big overhaul to this section and i think it turned out well (but very mind blockable for how much it feels like a break in the song!)
-[01:36.026 -> 01:38.426] Remove 24ths, except for the ones at the very end leading into the [12]. Jumps at every 4th as the drums pick up, but drop the drums at 01:38.083 to let the 24ths do their thing, as you’re essentially already creating a flam with the short 16th poly in the 24ths.
big change to this as well to address notes
-[02:52.140 & 02:53.511] Missing jumps.
-[02:55.568] Repeat section, repeat notes from 01:16.826 -> 01:27.797.
-Absolutely adore that ending.
thanks i thought it was a banger too <3

everything has been addressed and the new zip has been uploaded

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