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Default March/April Set 3

Judge: gold stinger

Carissa (VisD)
Coffee Black (Qrrbrbirbel)
Cyclone Joker (gold stinger)
Dimension Wanderer (gold stinger)
Excite Bike [Heavy] (VisD)
Feel The Difficulty Flow Through You (Deamerai)
Igneous Rock (3-1 Hot Remix) (M0nkeyz)
Life Gauge (gold stinger)
My Lady Madeline, Part 2 (ositzxz369)
Taco Cat (Qrrbrbirbel)
The Pokemedley (Part 1) (VisD)
The Silver Crystal (M0nkeyz)
Time 4 Your Medicine (ositzxz369)
Vanilla Cake (M0nkeyz)
Originally Posted by Charu View Post
My dick is good, thank you very much. It gets love and attention no matter what <3 <3 <3
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also a fucking helicopter is the absolute last place I'd go to find out how big my dick is
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Dawg you don't even know. It's so fuckin' small I can use a pen cap to jack off

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yeah I'mma go for the Rave7 route she's just perfect, stiff on the top, thin in the middle, and has a BIG THICC END that I can just jack on all night UwU best girl

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