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Default Re: Weekly Batch Updates

Monday, November 25th, 2019 9:02 PM EST

For September/October 2019, Set 4 and Set 5 have judgments.
- Set 4 Thread
- Set 5 Thread

A listing can be seen in the below spoiler for these sets.

Set 4
Judge - Gradiant

Automagic (AutotelicBrown)
Black Lair (Reshiram)
Boss of Nova (Pizza69)
Chronostasis (blanky)
Giselle (Ghost_Medley)
Happy Rainbow (Reshiram)
hARPIES15HP (Psychotik)
Hate You (boomerangbro10)
Hyperion-Blaster (M0nkeyz)
It's Showtime! (FirstMaple8)
Out With YOur Clique (Deamerai)
Passengers (devonin)
Power, Wisdom, Courage (FFR Pro 21)
Soda (Rapta)
Warm Hands In Cold Fog (TheToaphster)

Set 5
Judge - TC_Halogen

!!!Chaos Time!!! (Ghost_Medley)
!!!Chaos Time!!! (Uncut Ed!t!on) (xXOpkillerXx & Samurai7694)
Amnehilesie (Gradiant)
Decipher.#003 (AutotelicBrown)
HandThrow [Insane] (DarkZtar)
Hyperdisco (FFR Pro 21)
Mondo Brutale (choof)
Please Don't REmember (Shxfted)
Reluctantly Accepting Temporary Overexhaustion V2 (Deamerai)
Sinthasomphone (Shxfted)
Symphonies_of_Suckness (klimtkiller)
Tachyon Beam Cannon (Shxfted)
The Little Devil's Heart-Pounding Amusement Park (Pizza69)
Ubiquity (EzExZeRo7497)
Viking Spirit and Rage (M0nkeyz)
VIS--CRACKED (Dragolord)

This leaves Sets 6, 7, and 8. For Set 6, you can see this post for the most recent update.

Because the BSE is out of date, it is recommended that anything not submitted to the new batch submission site is checked in this thread for Conditional Queue and Pending Fixes files.

The November/December 2019 Batch is open until December 31st, and the Holiday Special Batch is open until December 1st.

And of course, be on the lookout for some more song releases to come!
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