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Default Re: Weekly Batch Updates

Sunday, November 10th, 2019 10:16 PM EST

For September/October 2019 Sets 1-3, be sure to check the threads for ongoing updates to changes you submit to your charts (if applicable).
- September/October 2019 Set 1
- September/October 2019 Set 2
- September/October 2019 Set 3

Holiday Special Batch Set 1 also has received judgments. See the thread for more information on those.

The November/December 2019 Batch is open until December 31st.

For other sets in September/October 2019, see the Active Sets subforum. For a quick reference to the files in these sets, see the below spoiler.

2019 September/October Set 8
anqad [Heavy] (bmah)
anqad [Light] (bmah)
Apocalypse (bmah)
Big Tree (Home Alone Remix) (LeKrispyKreme)
Choprite (ositzxz369)
Cruel Whole (Abelcain Remix) (ositzxz369)
Edible Flower Monologue (bmah)
Epstein-Horsharck Lids (ositzxz369)
Landscape (bmah)

2019 September/October Set 7
{Stay With Me} (psychoangel691)
As We Suffocate (inDheart)
Flight of the Bumble Bee (Psychotik)
Fox Tales (Pizza69)
Hip Shop (Deamerai)
Kokorioni Utage Todoitara -Vocal- (inDheart)
Masterpiece (psychoangel691)
Nebuchadrezzar III (M0nkeyz)
Stadium Wave (kainivy)

2019 September/October Set 6
1972 (Jayden1234)
Ascellity (gold stinger)
Crimson Rider (storn42)
be_fortunate Extended (gold stinger)
Beep Beep Im a Sheep Tombstone Remix (gold stinger)
Damned Night (M0nkeyz & ositzxz369)
Deadly Stealth (M0nkeyz)
europa (Jayden1234)
Hand Throw [light] (DarkZtar)
Jungle Groove (Psychotik)
Pretty Girls With Mental Disorders (XelNya & Shadow_God_10)
Run UI Run (TD_s3b0u)
Stray Toys Adventure (gold stinger)
Tool-Assisted Speedcore TQBF Frame Advance RMX (gold stinger)
While Sleeping The Big Sleep (Deamerai)

2019 September/October Set 5
!!!Chaos Time!!! (Ghost_Medley)
!!!Chaos Time!!! (Uncut Ed!t!on) (xXOpkillerXx & Samurai7694)
Amnehilesie (Gradiant)
Decipher.#003 (AutotelicBrown)
Hyperdisco (FFR Pro 21)
Mondo Brutale (choof)
Please Don't REmember (Shxfted)
Reluctantly Accepting Temporary Overexhaustion V2 (Deamerai)
Sinthasomphone (Shxfted)
Symphonies_of_Suckness (klimtkiller)
Tachyon Beam Cannon (Shxfted)
The Little Devil's Heart-Pounding Amusement Park (Pizza69)
Ubiquity (EzExZeRo7497)
Viking Spirit and Rage (M0nkeyz)
VIS--CRACKED (Dragolord)

2019 September/October Set 4
Automagic (AutotelicBrown)
Black Lair (Reshiram)
Boss of Nova (Pizza69)
Chronostasis (blanky)
Giselle (Ghost_Medley)
Happy Rainbow (Reshiram)
hARPIES15HP (Psychotik)
Hate You (boomerangbro10)
Hyperion-Blaster (M0nkeyz)
It's Showtime! (FirstMaple8)
Out With YOur Clique (Deamerai)
Passengers (devonin)
Power, Wisdom, Courage (FFR Pro 21)
Soda (Rapta)
Warm Hands In Cold Fog (TheToaphster)
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