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Default Re: Weekly Batch Updates

Sunday, October 20th, 2019 8:26 PM EST

The September/October 2019 regular batch is still open until October 31st 2019, and the Holiday Batch is open until December 1st 2019.

January/February 2018 judgments are all complete; you can see them in the Completed Sets subforum.
- January/February 2018 Set 1
- January/February 2018 Set 2
- January/February 2018 Set 3
- January/February 2018 Set 4

September/October 2019 Sets 1-3 also have judgments.
- September/October 2019 Set 1
- September/October 2019 Set 2
- September/October 2019 Set 3

If you are wondering which file your set ended up in, the spoiler below is for September/October 2019 Sets 1-3 based on the original threads.

Set 1
Judge - bmah

Akasagarbha (Reshiram)
Bloody Mary, Kate And Ashley (storn42)
Come With Me (feat. Leah Culver) (TC_Halogen)
Final Boss (Psychotik)
Hajnal 2 (FFR Pro 21)
Hope 4 Hopeful (AutotelicBrown)
In A Dream (XxXMetalheadXxX_
pause (devonin)
Sea of Dreams (devonin)
Seppuku (Ghost_Medley)
Sugar Rush (Rapta)
The Nature of Dying (XelNYa ft. Icyworld)
Time and Space (Pizza69)
Time Goes By (blanky)
ULTRAnumb (Metal Revision) (XelNya)

Set 2
Judge - gold stinger

Aleph-0 (Skullbac)
Alive (Poison-)
Berry Go!! (AutotelicBrown)
Chainsaw Fellatio (ositzxz369)
Credits [Standard] (Deamerai)
echoes of wind (suicidaln00b)
Fastest Pointer-Finger in the West (devonin)
Fighting of the Spirit (Reshiram)
Headless Beast (Pizza69)
Hero Of The Grey Area [cut] (XelNya)
POPSTARS (Psychotik)
Shanghai Teahouse (FFR Pro 21 & silvuh)
Tiger Rag (MarioNintendo)
Title Theme (Bean Dreams) (Ghost_Medley)
Woah Look At This Line To Get In (Intro) (ShurykaN)

Set 3
Judge - Rebirth

A Single Atom (Qrrbrbirbel)
Autoprocess (Ghost_Medley)
Bad Boy (AutotelicBrown)
Coconut Adventure (suicidaln00b)
Crystallized Silver (FFR Pro 21)
Eiketsu He Tsureru (Coolboyrulez0 & Elekton)
Fast Fissure Atomhead Remix (choof)
Fernando (choof)
Identity Part 5 (Reshiram)
Indian Summer (LeKrispyKreme)
ko mu no kamisama (Elekton)
Mongoloid Alien (ositzxc369)
Secret Zombie Room V2 (devonin)
Shotgun Senorita (XelNya)
Snowblind (TC_Halogen)
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