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Default Re: TWG CLVIII: Game Thread - Survivor Valais

Originally Posted by thesunfan View Post
I guess I wouldn't have expected wabby to be a holdout on my proposal, I would like to hear why he didn't post that he was a survivor
Originally Posted by Wineandbread View Post
I'd like to mention that it's pretty easy to fakeclaim lie detector to save yourself in this setup.
Roles are switched every day.
Lie detector is not guaranteed.
You can also fakeclaim against the real lie detector and it'd be hard to verify he's bullshitting.
I don't really want to give survivors ideas, but I don't want people to take the "lie detector's" role as gospel. Especially when people are all trying to "save themselves"
I'm still going to play this game like it's town vs wolves regardless.
Originally Posted by Wineandbread View Post
Oh I remember that the mod has to confirm the lie
I imagine this is done privately though?

I made these two posts before the challenge was in motion.

My belief is that if lie detector is fake claimed, the easiest thing he can point to are these statements. And it is very reasonable for both wolves and survivors to claim.
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