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Default first time playing SM in quite a while

scores are in order as they were achieved.

absolutely love this chart, will play it many many times over - thank you Eze for making this, it's great <3

fun little dump, solid score but some perfects out of the 24ths make me feel like I could do a bit better than that

durr, those greats and that miss were stupid - teens or lower is very possible

first AA

good MA, but not happy considering I had only 11 coming into the final break - can AAA with better MA

one of my favorites from Yolo, may try for DDP later - stamina fell a touch short near the end

got lost in the second stream... gonna take some practice to AA this

kinda clean, MA seems a little bad but I don't know about rates really



super-fluent; hardly even feels like 266 BPM - might try 1.3 soon

meh, will go for teens
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