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Default Re: Kanzas and Zenith Present: Fall Tourney!!!

Originally Posted by _Zenith_ View Post
I know that Krunky's tournament planned on starting the 22nd, maybe we can start the 21st to offset our rounds. If there are no D7 players, this will be the first D6 tournament in awhile :P

I could also be placed in D7 just for fun if you really wanted a D7.
The only way this would be starting Sunday the 21st, is if YOU handled literally all updating for that day and Monday night. I am very seldom on on Sundays (Religious beliefs make me travel) and I am also seldom home Monday nights (Stand Up Comedy cause I guess I'm funny)

I think maybe holding off the start until the 23rd would be more efficient for everyone, or myself at the very least. And if we don't have D7, I am totally okay with that! Less songs I'll have to put together. If we don't have anymore signups for Divisions 3 and 4, I will either mix them, or just have an easy 1,2, and 3rd(for D3) placed winners! xD

We will see what happens. Hopefully I'll be able to accumulate more Credits aside from tournaments to add to the pot, and hopefully a few more donations come this way as well. The bigger the pot, the more reason for people to sign up!

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