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Default Re: 2017 TWG Rules Thread

Yes, you! You have merited the attention of a few people who have been motivated by THE WEREWOLF COUNCIL to restore their honorable game to what it once was!

It is a tragic tale, the fall of TWG]NEW WEREWOLF COUNCIL[/color] has arisen to bring order out of the chaos. These agents of good will see to it that the rules, set by the noble founders of TWG, will be honored and adhered to. Me and my faithful compatriots have searched the annals of TWG history, and have selected YOU as a candidate to participate in the new and glorious age of THE WEREWOLF GAME! SO, what are you waiting for? You have played this noble sport in the past, and now more than ever, we need you to sharpen your intellect and join the fray! Show them that you will not be defeated by a mere publicizing of your historic arena! Be the great TWGer you once were!!!

Not feeling quite up to scratch? Never fear, for there is an array of topics that can help you.

The basic concepts and functional structure of The Werewolf Game
, artfully summarized by StoicRoivaS

The official rules of The Werewolf Game, outlined by the honorable chardish

The new Werewolf Council's official thread.

TWG and jTWG history threads. View past games and reflect on your triumphs and follies. The threads contain links to past games so you can read over them and learn from the past.

Now go on, my friend, and FIGHT WITH HONOR!

FINAL NOTE: This PM is going out to lots of old TWG and jTWG players (Most of the populace of FFЯ is exempt from this list of consideration, for reasons they are quite aware of. [plus I don't want a bunch of former GB-ites getting annoyed and reporting me for spamming, resulting in me getting banned and crying like a little girl because I'll have to miss the game I just signed up for.])

This is an opportune time for you to return. Players signups for a new TWG are still open (but not for long) , and a jTWG will be starting as soon as a host is chosen.

Come on down!
originally it had more colors in it than a box of fruity pebbles

i can barely read it without cringing
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Piece of shit is what you are

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Lynch all liars is good meta. Period.
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I find it mega sketch when someone focuses on themselves. Looks like they're on defense instead of offense mode
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My guess at this point is that there aren't actually any wolves, and all the humans are just going to kill each other until only a few are left. Then the remaining survivors will realize they are the real monsters.
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