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Default Yolomania 3 Released!

Yolomania Vol. 3
Click on pack banner to download!

Single (Full) Download: ( link)

Multipart Download (3 Parts): (MediaFire link)
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Sorry for using tracker links, I wanted to try it just to see what kind of stats we get.

Note: You only need to download this patch if you downloaded the multipart version. The full version hosted from has had the patch applied already.
This was extremely last minute and all this patch fixes is a typo in one of the graphics and the bpm flux in Unpleasant Sonata (shoutouts to Mina for that). Just merge the song folders with the full pack from above and overwrite the duplicate files to apply the patch.

Credits & Acknowledgments
A lot of people helped make this possible but I wanted to give a few specific shoutouts first
Skwid - Major props for sticking with reviews even when this pack got way bigger than any of us anticipated. Skwid reviewed every single submission and provided valuable feedback on all internal files as well. These packs wouldn't be possible without him. Thanks a ton buddy! <3
rCaliberGX - Jesus christ you stepped a ton of files for this. Major props for reviewing the majority of submissions as well, especially towards the end of the pack. Thanks for sticking it out with us, you're definitely a major part of these packs and you deserve a lot of credit for the amount of time you put into making files for this. <3
Staiain - Playtested a TON of files and provided lots of valuable feedback on stream, as well as helping promote and give this pack a lot of exposure, especially so to a lot of the osu players who regularly hang out in the chat who otherwise might not have been aware of this. Thanks a lot man, I really appreciate the feedback we get from you.
All simfile artists - You guys really came through in a huge way for this pack. When I announced this I expected around 50-60 total submissions for the ~3 month submission window. We recieved something like 150 files to review for this pack if not more, and you guys really did put forth an awesome amount of quality work. Keep being awesome everyone, I can't believe how much response we got for this pack and you guys really made it what it is!
~Zero~ - Graphics monster! You probably did something like 30 sets for this pack and every set you did is awesome. I appreciate the help more than you know, thank you so much.
Foxfire - Worked with me to get a mirror hosted on right away. I seriously appreciate you being able to pull through with all of this, especially with such short notice. Thanks a lot buddy. <3
Everyone else who helped with graphics - I'm not gonna list everyone individually, but you guys really helped out even if it was just 1 or 2 sets. I appreciate the support and help. Thank you!

I'm sure I probably forgot a few people, but to everyone that supported this project and contributed I really appreciate everything you did to make this pack what it is. I'm quite proud of how this turned out and it wouldn't have been possible without you all.

Song List
Song Count: 114
300 [Detach M-Style]
8th Era [Anthony Donato]
After School NAVIGATORS [Muse]
AieAe (Yolomania Version) [DJ TEKINA//SOMETHING]
Angel of Darknes [Alex c. feat. Yasmin K.]
Aranjuez (Mon Amour) [HerbAlpert]
Ark Ouroboross [Zektbach]
Baby I [Ariana Grande]
Bangin' Burst [Camellia]
Black Cloak Skeleton [Bach ft. West Village]
BLACK or WHITE? [BlackYooh vs. siromaru]
BLACK or WHITE? [BlackYooh vs. siromaru]
Blue Meteor [urimu]
Bullets Over Brainwaves [Terminal 11]
Burst Linker [DJ Sharpnel]
Caelumize [void]
Censored [metallicx66]
Chemical Star [Tsukasa]
Chronos [TAG]
Dark Legacy [BaSTeT]
Dear You [DJ Genericname]
Deathfire Grasp [Pentakill]
Devilz Sacrifice [OSTER Project]
Dirty Vibe [Skrillex (ft. G-Dragon & CL)]
Diavolo [L.E.D vs dj.Taka]
Do you even squeak? [Usagi] TALK TO ME BEFORE YOU MAKE THIS SET LOL
Don't Drop that Thun thun [BilliumMoto drops Finatticz]
Eimin Douwa [MafuMafu]
Elektrick U-Phoria [DJ Noriken]
Entrance [ICE]
ephemera [hyi]
Evanescent [LeaF]
Existance [MuryokuP]
Factory (Vivid Transparency) [Sota Fujimori Remix]
Fairy Dance [sakuzyo]
For UltraPlayers [cosMo@BousouP]
Gacha Gacha Cute Figur@ mate [MOSAIC.WAVE]
Graces of Heaven (minedodge) [aran]
Guitar Hero vs Through The Darkness [Dougal & Gammer vs. Mickey Skedale and Jenna]
Hanasaku☆Saikyou Legend Days
Happy End of the World [xi]
Heartbeatz (Nightcore Remix) [Darren Styles]
Hero (Teminite Remix) [ Pegboard Nerds feat. Elizaveta]
Hold Me Down (Soundpalette Remix)[Mansionair]
Hollywood Galaxy [dj TAKA]
Hymn [Tina Cousins (Gammer & G-Spencer Remix)]
I Burn [Jeff & Casey Lee Williams]
I Burn (Trailer Ver.) [Jeff Williams feat. Casey Lee Williams]
I miss you [DJ Sharpnel feat. Lia]
I want you (Nigthcore Version) [Neo Cortex]
Infinitude Starshine [Blitz Lunar]
Insane Techniques [kors k]
INSOMNIA [Jakarta Funk Brothers]
Keep It Greasy [Frank Zappa]
Kirby Boss Medley
L - Lost [ICE]
L - Ascension Act 1 [ICE]
L - Liberation Act 2 [ICE]
L [ICE] (this is all 3 together)
Last Star In The Universe [The Ghost Of 3.13]
LeaF Style Super Shredder [LeaF]
Little Star [REDALiCE feat. Ayumi Nomiya]
Megitsune [babymetal]
Misanthrope [Divtech]
Moonearth [DJ Sharpnel]
Move Your Body (Nightcore Remix) [Eiffel 65]
Must Destroy [Figure]
Need U More (matra magic Juke Remix) [JAKAZID]
Nemesis [pi/3 a.k.a.anubasau-anubasu]
Outbreak [Zomboy]
OVERDRIVERS [P*Light(feat. mow*2)]
Pandemonium [xi]
Plasma Gun [Memme]
Proof of the Existence [猫叉Master+]
Rationalist [August Burns Red]
Revolution [Diplo]
Rising Hope [LiSA]
Roze [MiddleIsland]
Savant on Mushrooms [Infected Mushroom feat Savant]
Scary Halloween Show [IOSYS]
S!ck [Eagle]
Sigmund [Gram]
Silence A Prayer (Substanced Remix) [A.B & Nick 235)
SINister Evolution [TAK]
Skytoucher [The Glitch Mob]
Slam of the Northstar [Quad City DJs vs Crystal Kings]
Specular Reflection [Between the Buried and Me]
Spinal Fluid Explosion Girl [rerulili]
Suupaa Nukowaarudo [Soraru x Mafumafu]
Sylvan Fairy's Dance [t+pazolite]
Take My Life [Y&Co]
Tenshi [Manabu Namiki]
The Alchemist [Ray Riendeau]
The End [Blind Fury]
The Promised Flag [Galneryus]
The Pure and the Tainted [Blue Stahli]
The Scales of Struggle [Anthony Donato]
The Woven Web [Animals as Leaders]
Tsubuyaki Mahou Shoujo Rimuru [DJ SHARPNEL feat. みらい]
Unexist [Reso]
Unorthodox Red [DJ Nanasaki]
Unpleasant Sonata [Igorrr]
Vendita Di Magia [DJ Sharpnel]
Victims of Contingency [Epica]
Viva Happy [Mitchie M feat. Mitchie M feat. 初音ミク]
Yukemuri Tamashii Onsen [Tama, Coro, ytr]
Yuukyuu no Fate [Eclipseed]
+Danshi [Reol]
[EBICO & jioyi]

Final Words
I just want to say a final thank you to everyone from this community who has supported these packs and have watched how far we've come since we started. I feel like we've definitely improved a lot in terms of organization and quality of these packs, and I'm really proud to share our last yolomania pack with you guys. We will not be doing a Yolomania 4, nor will there be a Yolo Dumps 2. That isn't to say we won't be back with a new project in a while, but for now we're going to take a well deserved break, there are plenty of other packs in progress in the mean while so go and support DCP2, Dubstep Minipack 2, Ratchet Rap Dumps, Summer of Anime KB Mix, etc... Thanks again!

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