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Default Re: League of Legends

Originally Posted by stargroup100 View Post
last time I checked this is a dedicated rhythm game community.
Last time I checked this was a thread devoted to League of legends, and therefore, your opinion on the matter is invalid. I don't care how buddy buddy you think some of you are.

and last time I checked, being a dick isn't awesome. you don't need to give randoms your respect but that doesn't mean you should be a total douchebag either.
and last time I checked, feeding the dick more insult-worthy material disguised as so called witty retorts isn't being any more awesome. But I still think that's stupid. you're stupid.

best insult ever gj
that's stupid and you're stupid

next time you come waltzing into a thread acting all high and mighty you really should do it in a tolerable manner. no one wants to listen to a dickhead, no matter how right or smart he is. learn some social skills dork
I didn't think it was possible for a man with proper genitalia to call someone both a dickhead and a dork in the same sentence, let alone commenting on their "lack of social skills." So I will continue to assume you have any at all and go about my business.


'Nuff Said.
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