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Default 1st Annual Philadelphia Pow-Wow

So, now that Whorli and I have a house ALL TO OURSELVES... we've decided to throw the 1st annual Philadelphia Pow-Wow; a get together for anyone in the greater Philadelphia area (or anyone at all, really) who wants to have some fun and meet up with other FFRers.

We're going to hold this get together mainly on Thursday, December 28th. People can show up whenever... we'll go to the Brunswick zone in Feasterville, which is about a 25 minute drive from our house. They have bowling, laser tag, and a massive arcade with DDR.

We can house up to about 10 people overnight, give or take.

So, we'd like to know who is able to come so that we can plan ahead. Also thoughts, ideas, suggestions... We figured the 28th would be good because everyone has off from school that week and Whorli works weekends. People are welcome to stay longer, for the weekend, whatever.

Housing preferences will go first to those from way out of town (like if any VA or NE people drive in). Hopefully those Jersey shore peeps will be able to make it down.

Directions will be provided to those who are actually coming. If you want to know aproximately how long it would take to get to our place, we're very close to Willow Grove, PA. You could also just meet up with us for the evening at the Brunswick Zone, etc etc etc.

We're just looking to throw a good party with a bunch of FFRers and have some fun. And to those parents out there that may need to approve their children joining us... Whorli is a 22 year old student at Temple who works part time at an Emergency Vet Hospital and I am a 22 year old graduate from NYU who is currently unemployeed but will be employeed within the next week or two as a Head Teller for an area bank. Aka... we're both quite mature and will look after your children.
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