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Default Re: 8 Hours Trip to Top 100 AAAs

Originally Posted by DarkManticoreX2 View Post
Most people use apostrophes.
I don't know how to engrish

Originally Posted by flashpantss View Post
AHAHAHAHA this guy rofl. You got this Mang
Thanks ^.^

Originally Posted by iCeCuBEz v2 View Post
i dont mean to sound like a total dickwad but how is it possible to get top 100s aaas with a handful of expert aaas?

besides that great job with pure ruby that file yielded wicked mind blocks for me.

i just know u can get more 60+ aaas under your belt
You can get 916 AAAs without ever touching a VC or Expert song. I'll attempt to do more 60+ since it was asked. I was just trying to clear out all my easy files.
Also, thank you ^.^
R.I.P JellyGod <333

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