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Default Re: FFR Scores ~2019 Remix~

Highest New AAA as of 2 days ago, and my 1300th public AAA
Been over three years since I had a highest AAA


Originally Posted by Ghost_Medley View Post

This man is three months too early.
Originally Posted by badman7772 View Post
Guess I'll take another Quality Pack please. I won't have Hawkins luck but I'm sure I'll have badluck7772.

Originally Posted by _Zenith_ View Post
what the fuck marcus lmao

Originally Posted by rushyrulz View Post
You should all thank MarcusHawkins btw

Originally Posted by DDRNGGin View Post
Marcus is probably going to be the main man to win this (You will always be my DDR brother for life, MarcusHawkins! )

Originally Posted by Sky Kitten View Post
Best Newbie
1st: MarcusHawkins: 4

Up And Coming FFRer
2nd: MarcusHawkins: 3

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