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Default Re: George Floyd 2: Electric Pigaloo

Originally Posted by Funnygurl555 View Post
and second what does me posting about my life have to do with anything you've said? actually, what does any personal detail about any of our lives have to do with the conversation we were having in thread (aside from the obvious "we live with a racist and corrupt police force" angle)? clearly what you're doing now is insulting me because you both disagree with me and personally dislike me. i think that's out of line
this is derailing the thread and I just made a bitchy comment toward you so idk why choof even cares

but I was just saying the exact same thing you are saying. that even if it didn't personally affect me, it's still morally not right to me that laws target addicts, and that there are people who uphold and defend these laws. I don't need to tell choof "I am an addict and have personal reasons to care" to have this view point. I realize how it came off now and am still slightly drunk from last night so I apologize. I'm not the best at wording my points
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Originally Posted by MinaciousGrace View Post
people like you are how trump gets elected
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