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Default Rap is technically music

sunfan told me to make this thread

while it fits the technical definition of music I don't really consider it music there's probably not enough pitch for me to call it music

I'll readily admit that I haven't heard a lot of rap (because it's not really the kind of music I listen to) so I could just be listening to bad rap

sunfan seemed to think I would be crucified for posting this here, interested in yalls takes
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FFA playing 4D chess in Gemity while us mortals are stuck on this gay earth

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Iíve demonstrated self-awareness
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i was pretty close to letting this slide tbh, but honestly your utter lack of understanding of the situation irritates me more than anything else at this point
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seriously everything i wrote went way over your head if your reading comprehension is so far below third grade level while people may care about your opinion you should refrain from giving it because it's worthless
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