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Default Re: F-Scale test

...And here are the definitions of each score from the quiz, if anyone's interested:

Rigid adherence to conventional, middle-class values.

Authoritarian Submission
Submissive, uncritical attitude towards the idealized authorities of the group.

Authoritarian Aggression
Tendency to be alert to, condemn, reject, and to want to punish people who violate conventional values.

Opposition to the subjective and the imaginative, as well as a dislike of abstract art and tender-minded people.

Superstitious beliefs about the determinants of the individual's fate and the disposition to think in rigid categories.

Preoccupation with dominance-submission and leader-follower dynamics, as well as identification with power figures and the tendency to want to assert strength and toughness.

Generalized hostility to things not in line with one's personal values, and the devaluation of human life and tendencies.

Disposition to suspect that wild and dangerous things go behind closed doors, that one's group is losing control and that traditional society is headed towards destruction.

Concern with the sexual "goings-on" of others and resistance to sexual degeneracy within one’s group.

Total Score
Your total F score, meaning your receptivity to authoritarian/fascist beliefs.
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