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Default Re: Netflix Death Note Movie

I think the thing I want the most is at least some understanding on what makes those characters the way they are.For an example: A different take on L's eccentric behavior where he is a tall black man who is probably socially awkward and sees the world so drastically different that he cant carry a normal conversation but easily notices weird shit would be pretty different from the albino Englishman who locked himself away to eat sweats and solve rubik's cubes all day but as long as they nail the important part of him being seen as A - somehow removed from normal society and B - uses that to solve cases I will still enjoy L.

Now is that what they are doing? I somehow doubt it. I feel like we'll get an actor who will mostly play the role straight with L just being smarter then most people and when everyone realizes that they rather have the fun quirky L instead we'll have to watch our Facebook feeds fill up with buzzfeed articles about how everyone is raciest towards Black L or some shit.

But maybe i'm wrong, and I hope I am. Even if it's all a different take on these characters, as long as the actual traits that made them compelling are there I'll enjoy it. I enjoy different takes on A Christmas Carol, why not Death Note? It's just a matter of them recapturing that spirit. Death Note is well passed a decade old now and we have plenty of copies of the manga and anime that will likely be around forever. No harm in something a little different so long as they stay true to the idea.

Which they likely won't

.....idk probably will end up watching it

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But, I mean, shado claimed to seer check his N0 on N4, so obvs there's some NEXT LEVEL SHIT going down..
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