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Default For Crazyjayde: The Crowd

For Crazyjayde: The Crowd



Looking down on the earth can be done from a number of angles. The view can be a beautiful sphere scape of blue, white and brown when admired from space. Larger than life, and an intimidating fall, from the stratosphere. From the top of the tallest tower, looking down on a thousands ants. A bench, a thousands ants. Perspective changes everything. To see something as the earth, as it is, is relative only to earth. If a space fairing ship flew out into oblivion, and was to return to an upside down planet. Who is truly upside down.

How can 'science' prove the truth of the universe, and how can 'God' declare the truth of it. Who is to say that either are seeing what the universe truly has to show. Think of the sphere we live in, not on. We see as far as light has permitted us to see, because we see from the angle that light offers. What we fail to see are the other sources of sight. Assumed limits of science, and written limits of faith, are ironically limitless.

A child has no boundaries. Flight, underwater venture, space travel, and mean feats of strength are easily possible. Maturity clouds the mind from these simple abilities, leaving the true exploration to their small apprentices. Three coloured felt pens and some vocal chords are all it takes to develop the most powerful weapon known to humanity, yet military forces futilely fight to match it's magnificence.

A tirade, for this is not the purpose. These are simply the thoughts of the crowd, the destination of all children. To breath, to grow, to assimilate. To breed, to teach, to sigh, to die. To drift into oblivion... no, science nor god is able to see where. Once again, the limits.

Ambiguity is inescapable, and clarity would only increase the perceived ambiguity. How can such an abstract idea be brought to paper in dictation, how can science bring the sought understanding. Contradictions bring the plague to the dictation, and science cannot see far enough to bring enlightenment. The children breath, the earth breaths, the galaxy breaths, the universe breaths... but we are at the centre of the lungs. Odd then, that there is no centre in the lungs but in fact a heart.

So looking down on the earth. Are we seeing a home? A spinning ball of rock? A stray meteor that lucked into life? Does the earth not have a heart? Does the earth not receive energy from it's heart? What of the heart it orbits? What of the heart that the heart orbits?

A tirade, though this is closer to the point. These are the thoughts of the crowd, the destination of all children. To breath, to fly. To breed, to die. Remember the heart beats, time is the limit.

Leave the known track. Think beyond the scripture, think beyond the fact. Unable to look down on it, look at the world through your own eyes. See the lungs, living. See the stress, and strain. Where there is 'God' there is dictation, where there is 'science' there is pollution. Look to where there is neither. What do you see?

Not a tirade, the point. Children fly with their hearts, as they grow the heart slows. It tries to keep up, but the body does not need it. Lungs are all. If you breath, you breed. The system likes that. Flying high to the limits, the heart racing behind. Dissipating and dissolving.

What you see is either the oblivion before you... or your lungs, racing ahead of you.

Will you join the crowd?

Or will you fly and die.

--- 1 Hours
Thoughts provoked by the concept sketch by Crazyjayde.
First draft, no editing.

Take from it what you will.
Probably the most abstract piece of writing I have ever written that actually had a point to it.

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