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Default Another one for Renevatia: Moon

Another one for Renevatia: Moon
I had to hurry if I was to make it on time. The chapel was at the dead centre of the city, and I was dead not even close to the outer walls yet. My escapade with the lake brownies had pushed the evening off the deep end, and high lunarus was about to follow the same path. So many were the etiquettes of these brownies that simply getting any of them to say a single word would be considered a monstrous waste of time. Lucky for me the first words that came out of their little mouths was exactly what I wanted to here. I've definitely lost at least some favour of all sprites since I most definitely barged out of the glade without any more grace than my behind could offer.

It's been way too long since my last recharge, so using this alignment to my benefit wouldn't be too bad. Since the whole ordeal needs the alignment anyways, it wouldn't hurt to sneak a few drops of the rays into my own reserves. No one would notice, no one is watching me.

I skimmed over the ground, kicking up clouds of murky-grey dust coloured by the cloudy moonlit sky. Tall blades of grass bent out of my way as I approached them, mercifully sparing me from the embarrassment of being soaked by the collection of midnight dew.

A number of small green animals were oblivious to my flight, so an extra care went into avoiding their delicate beings. For half a moment I saw a hilarious little glob of life hanging off of a towering piece of grass, slowly losing it's grip as the blade moved gently out of my way. It's tiny little squeals and squelches painted the funniest picture in my head, so I graciously snatched it off it's overhand and rested it gently next to a little pond--all without slowing down of course.

The high walls of Pou'quan loomed up like a great cliff stealing more and more of the sky from my view. As I rapidly approached the giant shadow I relaxed and allowed myself to drift into unawares--still running, mind you. When I came to a short moment later, I was very much on the opposite side of the walls. Just enough moonlight left for the job, I guess.

I leaped softly on to a nearby roof and quickly made my way toward the city centre, following the outline of the chapel peak. The soft glow from the windows lit both my path and the streets below. Muffled voices leaked out into the night, crying the joys of an evening with family, and I caught whiffs of fresh stews and baked breads. A small pang of loneliness quickly quelled, but I do remember it.

A stray domesticated 4 legged animal loped along the crown of the roof in front of me. Wondering how high it could jump I said hello, and all it did was give me an extremely unimpressed look and tell me to get moving. What an evening. Everyone seems to know what I'm here to do, I just wish the brownies had the heart to tell me where to go instead of leading me through their ridiculous ritual time wast-- eh, ceremonies.

Finishing that though, I launched myself at the central tower of the chapel--having reached the square during my intimate conversation with my furry friend. I pulled my two staves off of my back and held them tightly in my hands. Timing would be moderately important here, better not to screw it up.

My perception of time slowed as I build up my concentration. My feet quickly found a grip on the vertical surface of the tower, and my knees bent in a powerful spring. Launching forward, I cast my equipment in front of me towards the centre of the landing, grinning in anticipation of the meal awaiting my pleasure. Slamming my palms together, as if through water, I let loose my remaining energy in a torrent of white light and electrostatic charge. My normally pointy grey sticks immediately burst into a radiance of pure blue light, an audible hum emminating from them. Encircling my body they began to spin round and round in an elliptical orbit.

Their movement so rapid now that an illusion of six surrounded me. A whirlwind of power blew wildly in the air, and deep moaning voices could be heard from the unknown lands beyond the stretching of the dimension the maelstrom was causing. I righted myself and my six staffs followed suit, closing in to a perfectly circular orbit.

As I smashed down onto the earth in front of the church everything froze in an abrupt and utterly silent manner. It has always been so offensive how my adjustments to nature end in such anti-climactic ways, but such is life. The powerful rays of the moon now cast directly down on me, as I used the newly born void to channel pure moon-rays directly into the earth. Their passing through the tiles at my feet gave off such radiance that palpable particles could be seen by the eyes of any living thing expressing enough interest to bother looking. Likely only including my new friend on the roof, whose large round eyes i saw reflecting a substantially less amount of moonlight from a ledge above.

Careful not to kill myself, I opened myself to accept the tiniest sliver of the lunar light being reflected from the ground. An immense surge of satiation flooded through my entire existence immediately, and feeling the top of the world I quickly cut the inflow.

I peered carefully into the distance, extending my vision to see the looming mountain in the distance. The steady billowing smoke which had been polluting this valley for over seven years had just ceased entirely. Excellent!

Releasing my hold on the unfolding events, I deftly snatched my two actual sticks from the air in front of me and replaced them on my back. Adjusting my cossack, I stepped out of the fading circle. The clouds swept in to cover the moon and the city was quickly covered in a gloomy darkness once more. My able bodied friend slunk down from the buildings and rubbed against my legs, grinning up at me in a silent thanks, before loping off into the shadows of an adjacent structure.

Turning toward the distant city gates I caught glimpse of a young man sitting on a bench at the edge of the square. I nodded at him politely, and he nodded back--completely unawed by the just transpired events. Seeing me pause to ponder what he could possibly be thinking, he raised a hand towards me and shook his head while smiling. I agreed, and so turn and walked into the night.

-- First Draft, minor edits, of a segment of the history of Zageron,
Inspired in part by the concept painting by Renevatia.

dude finds out volcano put city in deep shit, does something flashy about it

Thank you, again, for reading!
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(Indented for readability, written in 2-3 hours)

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