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Default Re: TWG 194 - Postgame

I've always listened to FFA. I've said this many times, but his reads, wherever they come from, are right a surprising amount of the time. Even in this game, right up until the fake claim, his play was superb. He was vocal and talking to everyone.

If you disagree with his reads, then fine. Disagree. Talk about it. That helps town by putting ideas to the test against each other. But dismissing him and refusing to entertain his ideas doesn't make him bad, it makes whoever does that bad. The fact that he felt driven to fake claim because:
"how else can I lynch dbp"... "this was the best thing I could do"... "how else can I lynch dbp" is a failure on every player who dismisses/ignores any other player in this server. That needs to change

With all that said, once he fake claims as town and is caught in an impossible world and retracts only thereafter, it becomes incumbent to lynch him and resolve the slot. There's ways to fps well and ways where trying it causes a town collapse as town PRs out in defense of wolves because of a VT fake claiming. And saying you're gonna do it AGAIN, FFA, is only gonna drive people away from listening to you ever.

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I followed the "by the book" play, but I was reading the "not to do" page.
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