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Default Re: TWG 194 - Postgame

Copy paste from game thread

Originally Posted by Bolth mannn View Post
Gg town

Firstly, Iím okay, my sisters in intensive care so when I found out my head really wasnít in the game anymore.

I was looking forward to F3, I knew I was likely getting lynched anyway but I was excited to test myself and see if I could sneak in a win or not.

FFA, I just wanted to say straight up, is that early catch of me that you did during d0 or d1 whenever it was, genuinely did impress me and I was being candid with what I was saying. Yes, I was a wolf, but I genuinely do intend to take that sort of thinking into my future town games.

This game is yet again more proof that if I make it past night one, Iím definitely scum

I figured out my wolftell early on, itís ate, so I definitely intend to work on that in the future and hopefully I donít give myself away too easily in future games.

Got a long way to go, but I do enjoy the game. I enjoy it more as town but I enjoy it nonetheless

Thanks guys
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