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Default Re: TWG 194 - Game Thread

While we were waiting I listed out possibilities of what each death could mean:

I die -> would be out of my hands so no sense speculating

Shado dies -> Haku would be the last wolf because he knows I'm going to vote for dusk and dusk is going to vote for me, and dusk would never take haku, who's siding with me on it being a dap/dusk swag-sesh

Dusk dies -> shado probably? Knows haku would default to me if dusk is out of the picture. would be a weird kill so i doubt it'll happen

Haku dies -> has to be dusk. he'd never kill me, his mislynch target, and it'd be suicide to take haku, who once again is siding with me. taking shado is the only decision he can really make
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