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Default Re: 2019 September/October Set 6

Deadly Stealth - M0nkeyz
Rating: 8/10*
Sync: It good~
Other Notes: Newgrounds/10 song yo

*Intro - Honestly, I understand the layering schematics of the intro, but you have audible sounds that you're missing in here. For instance. going from 3.922 to 5.602, this is a straight 16ths run where that continuous bleep is prevalent in it. I could understand the omission if you're just layering the drum but you're clearly also layering in the bleep in it as well. This is also repeated from 7.762 to 9.442; I recommend going through this to check the layering once again.

15.442 - Honestly, I say this should be a quad for that emphasis yo
20.242, 22.162, 24.082, 26.002, 27.922, etc etc - This should be a hand to differentiate the emphasis on the force of the sound compared to the other sounds.
31.162 - Single note
31.282 - Jump
53.602 - Jump
+56.002 to 1:00.562 - ooooh, love those jack usage there

The rest of the file looks spot-on actually! The first haf needs a fine comb to check out the hand layering and the intro needs to have a look. It's important to have hands and jumps be prioritized to certain emphasis. Usually hands or quads can go well for stronger sounds when you have a simple, consistent rhyth, you can get away with giving layering emphasis without making the file too dumb and shitposty patterns lmao. But yeah, just go through the intro again, since the beeps are prevalent in the layering and then this should be good to go!

I'm torn. I purposefully omited the 16ths because the melody fades there. Technically yes it's a stream of 16th's, but I feel it goes with the theme better this way and also creates a bit of buildup for when the next section starts.

15.422, I agree I changed this into a hand for more emphasis.

I hear the loudness in 20.242, 22.162 etc, but around 46.642 it becomes a problem because layering wise this would mean constant jump -> hand patterns. Also it persists throughout the entire file. So that would mean putting hands everywhere.

31.162, I think is a jump I put jumps on this sound throughout this entire section.
31.282, I don't know what justifies a jump here
53.602, Completely agree. I also added jumps to 26.722, 30.562, 34.402, 38.242, 42.082, 45.922 and 49.762 for consistency.

Section starting at 61.762: I combed over the file and I also put the mini jack emphasis on the blue notes instead of the red one's I think it plays better that way.

I didn't agree with some of the notes, but I've made some changes according to James May's feedback.

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