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Default Re: 2019 September/October Set 6

Ok. So I spent the past 3 hours meticulously writing out everything on every line of your notes, only to close the notepad without saving after I finished everything and I hate myself.

Followed the notes to a Tee. Everything in each of the 4 files reviewed have been fixed, and uploaded fixed copies to batch. There was only one thing I didn't change, and it was:

?2:48.739 to 3:07.413 - Any reason to as why you omitted the jumps on the 8ths that went to the drums? Just needing clarification because I can clearly hear the drums and you do have the hits layered as jumps on the 4ths but not the 8ths?
Yes. The jumps in this section are following tonal shifts for the majority of instruments within this section. There are indeed drums following about on 8ths, but adding them in would ruin the pitch relevance in an already slow section with what's given right now.

Everything else, marked or not marked needing fixing, is fixed. But, here's a short list of addresses on things you wanted feedback on specifically.

*1:47.056 to 2:05.729 - Yo. Dawg. These aren't all jumps lmao. The 4th, I can see, but the 8ths? Those aren't jumps lmao. Also, the 24ths on that burst from 1:55.321 to 1:55.474, that's just a 16th lmao. Also, fuck you for those 48ths :V But yeah, this needs to be patched up before it gets in.
Burst has been changed to a 16th.

8ths have been changed to singles, and some restructuring was done so that we don't have jumps to singles to jumps in the same hand column. That would be too evil.

*2:05.729 to 2:06.648 - My main qualm is the 32ng bursts in 2:05.729 to 2:06.342, I am fairly sure that all the 32nds aren't warranted in that blip except for like the first four notes. The rest are probably 24ths, but there's no telling, but it's not all 32nds that's for sure. The second half, from 2:06.342 to 2:06.648, it's funny and silly to play on. But yeah, the first half of that section, needs fixin yo.
2:05.883 to 2:06.036 are indeed 24ths, and have been fixed. From what I can hear, there's a 16th at 02:06.112, which has been added instead of 32nds. And, there's similar static starting at 2:06.189, which is the same as the static that dominated 24ths at 1:12.311 to 1:12.464, so 24ths were used there because the flute takes a dominant instrument position at this specific part, that lines up with these.

?40.317, 58.412, 58.888, 59.364, 59.840, 1:00.317, 1:00.793, 1:02.221, 1:02.698, 1:03.174, 1:03.769 - Questionable jump placement, although I have a feeling that you were layering this to the vocals. So if that's the case, disregard this nitpick lmao.
Yep. This is layering to vocals.

?2:07.142, 2:07.936, 2:26.031, 2:26.507, 2:26.983, 2:27.459, 2:27.936, 2:28.412 - Questionable jump placement?
?2:29.840, 2:30.317, 2:30.793, 2:31.388 - Questionable jump placement
Both of these issues are fixed, with the rest of the non-question marked stuff.

*3:15.317, 3:15.793, 3:19.126, 3:20.555, 3:21.031, 3:22.459, 3:22.936, 3:22.412, 3:28.650, 3:29.126, essentially the solo itself for the outro - This is only if you're also planning on following the jump layering: These timestamps needs to be layered in as a jump. Considering you have it layered in on 3:16.269, 3:16.745, 3:17.221, 3:17.698, 3:18.650, 3:19.602, 3:20.079, 3:21.507, 3:21.983 and multiple other instances in this solo. If you're not following the drum layering and just following the guitar layering then these timestamps that I mentioned that has jumps in them have to be layered in as a single note or removed if the guitar isn't affection that particular section.
Guitar solo at the end of the song is all singles now. The aforementioned drums that did not go with the guitar, have been removed. Guitar purely on pitch relevance, with some grace notes mixed in. The ultimate goal of this song is to pay homage to the original, and also get people hooked with the solo at the end, and it should be as clean as possible.

*?3.906 to 23.799 - Only putting this here because I am curious about the jump layering. At first I hear them going to the piano chord but then you switch them to the kicks and then they're just there? (ex: 10.323 sounds like the jump doesn't go to anything, which meant that you might've meant to put that on the 4th on 10.002?) Again, just needing clarification on this intro. If it's something that needed to be fixed, I do encourage the jump placements to be fixed to the sounds you were meant to layer them
This was a good call on your end. Fixed to exact specifications, with a few singles moved around for better pitch relevance, and to make the changes a bit more fluent.

Feel free to push me on a specific note if I missed anything that you have a change of mind on, or hit me up on Discord.
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