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Default Re: 2019 September/October Set 6

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Crimson Rider - storn42
Rating: 8.5*/10
*Sync: uuuuuhhhh, why is this file way off???? offset should be 0.092, timestamps will be used with this offset
Other Notes: Is this a global offset issue? Because my sync is showing that the offset should be 0.092 as opposed to 0.146; please clarify this with me, because with that offset being off, that issue needs to be fixed ASAP
the file is of sync because i had it synced to the wrong audio file LUL. i spent like an hour really confused since it was CLEARLY on sync.

1:21.978 - Single note
the 32nd here is a snare hit and in my opinion should remain a jump. The 4th is the only note in the section that isn't a loud snare hit so making the 32nd a single note either implies that it is not a snare hit, or that the 4th is also a snare. having a jump there just feels better.

Fixed everything else.

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