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Default Re: Moonlight_X VS SK8R43 - Race to 1500 AAA's Thread

Originally Posted by SK8R43 View Post
I knew i had no choice but to grind today. In no way at all was this easy. I just knew that one more day and you would have beaten me! :P
This was an extremely close race though and im pretty happy with the results. I got SO MANY new aaas that i thought id never get and some i had no intention of ever playing the song again haha
And you really should. I didnt want to make 1500 an easy one, so if i had not finally nailed Dead Alus id probably still be playing aha

Edit: Also, thanks Sanjixcon!
You have done well. Was a good idea by you as it has pushed you to get more AAAs. Next stop 1600 haha. The real grind for us.
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