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Default Re: TWG CXLIX: Cedolad Replaces Out GAME THREAD

PMs are going out, please confirm with me what your exact role is by replying to me with your exact role. If you are mafia, also tell me who your partners are. This must be done before the day phase starts.

EDIT: All PMs are out, please yell at me loudly if you didn't get anything from me.
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Did you get a chance to kill that deadbeat sonuvabitch boyfriend of danceguys', "sunfan"? i hate that fucker. he's a stupid head. i'm way smarter and funnier and prettier and richer and more sensitive than him, and like i can get drunk and still hold complex logical conversations n shit and i bet that fucker cant.
Originally Posted by Litodude View Post
i'm on page55, is this seriously how mafia games are played in other forums? is this what's been going on here over the years?

0 math games, all just pure rando dumbness.
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I'd suck a dick in a dark, dark alley.

If roundbox flips town, look at his reads

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