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Default Re: Jan/Feb 2020 Set 1

> Permissions check good.
> Sync is wonky in 1st half. Will reflect in notes if thereís any issues. Sync in 2nd half is good. (No changes necessary.)

--- Yeah, the attack on a lot of the melodic notes is longer. Adjusted the offset slightly for the first half (and resets in the second half to the current sync).

> Ď.dwií file found within submission folder contents. Suggest removing.
(**)-Definitely digging the radio-black-and-white vibe thatís happening at the beginning of the song, but cuts to color a little bit early for what the song implies. Transition should be happening at 00:12.491.

--- Discussed with gs on discord and we agreed that this conditional can be dropped. In the fixed version, it stays at it is; musically, the transition is better at 12.491, but the drama/theater of it is a lot less impactful. I kept the color to how it currently is.

--- All the misc layering pointers were taken up, and also added some additional layering fixes here and there to make the file more consistent.

(**)-[01:12.491] Donít see the significance of the accented white notes here because they donít repeat, and donít necessarily stick out from other sections with the same breakdown.
(**)-[01:24.510] Think maybe this entire section before the white notes should be all red as well? So that people arenít getting super confused from a colorization standpoint about what direction the song is going.

--- These two conditional notes were fixed as per feedback.

Thanks again for the review, gs, I agree this would have been a tough file to judge with the no-weak-toms layering (wanted to avoid straight jumpstream in the breakcore section) and the come/go nature of some of the instrumentations themselves. Appreciate the attention shown to identifying what I was trying to do there, would have been easy and understandable to dismiss it as just missing notes.
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