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Default Re: Jan/Feb 2020 Set 1

-[00:12.903] A bit of a suggestion for the easy section here, perhaps flesh it out with full 12th singles like the previous section, and make the current laid out single notes into jumps? It’s really lacking in difficulty in comparison to the rest of the file.

I understand the suggestion, but I think it transitions oddly into the next section. The next section sounds way more intense, but would then look similar in structure(jumpstreamy). It's also the general approach I had to the chart. I would highlight one thing and then in the next section when another instrument/melody takes the forefront I omit it (the final section for example).

-[00:26.235, 00:27.835, 00:29.435, etc.] Got guitar & drum transitions here. Would make for some interesting triplet patterns, but your call. Would feel less awkward imo.

I think it would distract the player from the melody a little bit. Where as in the section after (starting at 38.769) the drums become way louder so it's sort of clear where the arrows go to.

-[01:09.593] PR transition plays out a little bit wonky here, since there really isn’t any relatable pitch between the jump and the following jacks. See 01:15.993.


-[01:10.259 & 01:10.393] Missing jacks?


Also added a missing flam to the guitar @1:25.393

Fixes sent!

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