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Default Re: I'm (more or less) banned from FB for 30 days

Originally Posted by mellonxcollie View Post
they totally just took some neckbeard's report as gospel and banned me right away, I got banned the same day I posted a cosplay in a group

if you don't like someone report them for a fake name it's a great way to get them banned
this only works for certain people I find. I tried really hard to get someone named "Wendy Wendy Bo Bendy" banned because they were politically shitposting behind a fake name, which I personally find to be one of the most cowardly things one can do on facebook. No dice. But yknow, they ban Native Americans and other ethnic minorities who have non-conventional, multiple or even single names without even making an offence on facebook, just annoy the wrong person or get picked up by a bot and you're not allowed to post under your name until you prove you are who you are! its really draconian tbh

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