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Default Re: 2019 September/October Set 2

The file already has an inaccurate measure bpm, fluctuating between 155.996bpm, and 156.005bpm. Because DDream is magical, and loves bpm changes.

Copy-pasting all notes from [01:36.852] Onwards, cutting them, and then pasting them starting at the 8th there should make all the notes colored.

Setting the BPM at [01:36.660] (Beat 251) to 152.500bpm, moving the yellow 16th note to 01:37.004 (32nd proceeding it, can use 32nd, or subbeat to keep it yellow), and then setting the following BPM at [01:37.053] (Beat 252) to 156.000bpm is one option of fixing it.

Another option, is to take down the time of the white note before this section (located at 01:36.283) and use subbeats to make that note stay at 01:36.283, and then change Beat 250 [01:36.275] to 152.500bpm, and the following Beat 251 [01:36.669] back to 156.000bpm.
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